After two babies the drive to train and compete is still alive!

My first serious sport was soccer beginning at 10 years old. But I would say I really became a serious athlete at 12 years old when my friend Holly encouraged me to join the local track club, the Comox Valley Cougars. That is when I started following a training program year-round with a coach.

Twenty years later I became pregnant with my daughter Zoe, and amazingly took my first real break from training and competing. I had run track and field through university, switched to competitive mountain biking through grad school, and then to began racing professionally in Xterra (0ff-road) triathlons.

I enjoyed the break from structured training and wasn’t sure I’d be motivated to continue after having a child. But I was and the motivation came from the challenge of getting back in shape to race while balancing motherhood. And a fun and rewarding challenge it was! Then two years and 8 months later my son Nico came along – could I do it all over again with two?? Once again, the added challenge of training and competing with two little ones gave me the fire to prove to myself that I could do it.

It is a tough balance somedays but overall because I commit time to workout nearly everyday I believe I have more energy, and in turn I’m more patient and hopefully a better mother to my kids! I’ve started this blog to share thoughts and ideas related to my adventures combining my life as an athlete and a mom…

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