Pros of Being an Athlete Mom #1: Procrastination, what is that?!

When I compare my life as an athlete before and after having children it is easy to focus on the disadvantages like less time to train, less than ideal recovery, and difficult travel logistics. But there have also been many positives, and I would even say advantages, so this is my first installment of the pros of being an athlete mom – no time to procrastinate!

In my pre-kid days of being an athlete, I could find plenty of reasons to delay getting out the door to do an important workout – I could hit the snooze button one more time, wait for the weather to warm up , sit out a thunderstorm, surf the web a little longer, have one more snack so I won’t bonk…and the list goes on.

Wasting any time putting off training has been a thing of the past since becoming a mom. When my kids were newborns I’d sometimes seize a moment to do a little yoga or core while they napped or of course seize the moment to also nap when needed! When Zoe was a baby I remember one particular winter day where I even managed to get a 2h30 trainer ride in one day while she took an unusual marathon nap – bonus!

Now that I depend on others for help the majority of the time in order to get my training done, I have to be super organized when I know I can only get training done between X amount of time during the day or it won’t happen at all! If my babysitter is coming I have to have bags packed, and gear all ready to go before she even arrives so no dilly dallying even getting ready anymore! When I’m committed to get out and do my training at a particular time each day, its starts off my training in a better mindset – “just go out and do it now!” – no time to even complain or feel sorry for myself if its going to be a tough day at the training office! When I know it is now or never I don’t procrastinate because if I do I will loose valuable training time and even the ability to complete the workout properly. Another plus is that I don’t take the ability to go out and train for granted anymore. Having the time to workout each day is a privilege and a treat these days so I also feel more committed to getting the most I can out of it as well!

And on a related note, I rarely even procrastinate going to bed anymore! I don’t know if my alarm clock’s name will be Zoe or Nico in the morning. I also don’t know if my alarm will go off at 7:00am or 8:45am so better get to bed at a good time just in case!

2 thoughts on “Pros of Being an Athlete Mom #1: Procrastination, what is that?!

  1. Danelle, I so agree! Workout times are booked, rain or shine, windstorm, whatever. I look forward to workouts more now than ever before, even if it’s going to be tough, as it’s time out of the house, and time for me. I love all your blogs, keep them coming. I am sure all of us athlete mom’s can relate to your stories!

  2. You are a role model even to those of us without kids Danelle…. by showing us that having kids doesn’t mean the end of an active life; that we’ll just appreciate it even more. At the moment, I still have all of those other excuses in my back pocket, so I’ll just keep surfing the web a bit more before I get on my bike 😉

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