Team Luna Chix Week!

Every year at the end of March, my racing team, the LUNA Chix, gets together for a week, and between eating, sleeping, and random blocks of training, this is roughly what we do for the week:

1. Meet any new teammates and catch up with the ones we don’t see so often…

New team members Teal Stetson-Lee (L) and Suzie Snyder (R) with Georgia Gould

2. Get new gear for the year and break it in (Christmas is actually in March, not December, if you’re on this team!), thanks to our team mechanics Chris and Zak for getting our bikes ready to roll, and team manager Waldek for all the rest!

3. Admire the new decals and team vans…

4. Take some photos (usually in freezing locations) for the media guide etc…

5. Go visit Clif Bar in Berkeley, CA, the coolest company ever to work for….

6. Finish the week with the Luna Chix summit – What is this?? Watch this 2min plus long video for the best explanation…

Kicking off the LUNA summit on stage at Clif Bar, team members L to R: Shonny Vanlandingham, Katerina Nash, Jane Kibii, Catharine Pendrel, Terra Castro, Suzie Snyder, Teal Stetson-Lee, Georgia Gould and Moi

Watching our big boss rock it out on the trumpet

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