My Top 10 Post-Season Reflections

1. Although I was definitely not saying this after crossing the finish line in Maui, since the post-race dust has settled, I have to concur that Xterra racing is truly the most fun, mountain bike racing takes a close second, occasional road triathlons are interesting fitness challenges. and running races always hurt!!

2. My coach and ultimate training buddy (when he is not injured from tree collisions or falling off bridges :)) keeps every season exciting with an incredible variety of challenging training! Thanks Coach Cal and all my motivating CSR training friends!

3. Racing while raising little people has it challenges but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

4. I have an amazingly supportive family: husband, parents, and inlaws that can often travel on demand when needed!

5. Breastfeeding a child beyond two years old will not hinder athletic performance

6. But racing on day 3 away from your breastfed child with full milk jugs can be painful!

7. Maui-like weather is great and pretty alright to race in but I’m a Canadian girl who loves my seasons – bring on the skiing and snowshoeing!

8. Being incredibly lazy, and eating whatever and whenever I want is only fun for about 7-10 days!

9. At almost two weeks into the off-season I’m already excited to get back to my “athletic job” for the best and most supportive professional women’s team that races in the dirt in the world – I’m so lucky to be a Luna Chix!

10. Did I mention how high Xterra racing is on the fun factor? “Forward 2013!!!”

4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Post-Season Reflections

  1. Agreed 100% on #1+8 and wonder if #6 might be TMI. 😉 Can’t wait to get Emma’s reflections on 3,5&7 next season. Enjoy the snow and maybe I will run into you and your parents at Washington this winter 🙂

  2. Love it? Always good to keep learning more about you Danelle – even your crazy point numbers 5 and 6! Ha ha – you Loco Luna Chic. Hopefully we will see you on some snow this winter – or on a training bike in Cal gary!
    Susan Holm

    • ha ha Shae, I finally did invest in an decent electric pump after baby # 2 which helps and is a big time saver especially in the first year, Hope your twin pregnancy is coming along well!!

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