How to be the most mentally weak and unmotivated athlete you know!

My best demotivating tips for you based on personal trial and error, and a little observation!

  1. Don’t take any self-responsibility for planning where you want to go and how you want to get there. Forget about all that big picture perspective planning with purpose. Never ask why and just do what you feel like one hour at a time. Let any of your success come by pure luck, chance, and circumstance.
  2. Whenever you feel tired or uncomfortable, stop and take a long, well-deserved rest!
  3. When you’re not training spend all of your time and precious attention span dwelling on all the well-crafted social media posts of your closest competitors. That way you’ll be continually reminded that your life as an athlete is less exciting, less good looking, and less successful.
  4. Only practice, train or compete in your sport when conditions are ideal or just right. Don’t settle for less than perfect weather, conditions, or company for working on upping your game.
  5. Never stay focused on one task for too long, especially ones that require deep thinking, difficult problem solving, or that push your current capacities in any way.
  6. When things don’t go according to plan always conclude only one of the following: 1) It’s all your fault or 2) Blame your poor performance on everything or everyone else. Remember that when setbacks occur there are no balanced, in between alternative perspectives to consider.
  7. Work only on building up your strengths. Maintain the belief that your weaknesses are permanent, unfixable, and untrainable
  8. Suck all the joy out of your athlete journey by “should-ing” on yourself every day. Spend lots of mental energy continually ruminating on some form of “I should be….”, “I should have..”, “I should be doing more of….”, “I should be doing less of…” etc. etc.
  9. Never ever take risks or try anything new that scares you. Stick to what you know and who you know. Stick to an approach or routine that feels safe and comfortable.
  10. Never make any training or competitive decisions that are socially motivated, include fun, or involve the support and knowledge of others around you. Stay inward and isolated; after all you’re a “serious athlete”

A bit of satire was fun…but of course we can all build motivation and mental toughness by doing exactly the opposite of all of the above! 🙂


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