Twelve photos for 2011

Like most of us these days, I have hundreds of photos uploaded to my computer and they are completely unorganized. I’ve been meaning to print them or make more Shutterfly albums but such projects always get pushed down the priority list! In the meantime the files keep piling up.

So I decided to give myself a little end of year challenge, to choose just one favourite photo from each month of the past year. The challenge was also to do this rather quickly and not waste too time choosing, the other drawback of the digital photo age – too many good ones to choose from! Well, maybe not THAT many, I’m not a very good photographer and not so good at remembering to bring the camera and take any pics. Like most proud parents, the majority of my photo taking involves my kids. Since I put a lot of action/race pics in my race reports, I tried to choose other pics that highlighted each month for me. Anyway, here they are and the reason why I chose each one….

January. Zoe discovered ballet and loved taking her first ballet class, many hours were spent twirling and practicing at home too!

February. Ever since my kids have come along we’ve gone back to Courtenay and Mt Washington to my parents at least once per winter,  where the xc skiing up the mountain is as fantastic as the mountain bike riding down below. This past winter Zoe enjoyed getting in some skiing and snowshoeing too! 

March. Since 2008 I’ve been lucky enough to be a member of the LUNA Pro team and every March is the real Christmas for me – team camp and photos, with new bikes and gear for the season. Here is one of my favourite team photos from that week with the Golden Gate bridge in the background.

April. Grand-mama comes out from Montreal for at least a fortnight’s visit every 4-6 months. Lots of happy play times for the kids, as she usually comes out when we are super busy and need the extra help!

May. This was my first experience at the wonderful Wildflower triathlon. I love the photo because it epitomizes  my fun but challenging balance between racing and kids as I’m putting on my wetsuit with less than 20 minutes until go time!

June. Fond memories of a family vacation that didn’t involve a race – very rare these days! It was out to my husband’s neck of the woods – Montreal. J-F is relaxing as much as is possible between black fly attacks in the Quebec countryside at his aunt and uncle’s house in beautiful St-Anne-des-Lacs

July. A fun month at home highlighted by a visit from Uncle Geoff and a day at the Calgary Stampede during which Zoe enjoyed several amusement rides with her uncle.

August. On my must do every year list – a summer trip out to our family cabin on Hornby Island on the west coast. Fun to enjoy sunning on the warm sandstone rocks and watch Nico play in the same tidal pool my brother and I also enjoyed at his age!

September. Zoe turned four and was enjoying hamming it up to the camera and goofing off with her brother on a perfect fall day. She is wearing the very cool eclectic clothing sent to her from her Aunt Keri.

October. There was no one cuter than my one year old chicken clucking around amongst the trick or treaters on Halloween!

November. Nothing much usually happens in November but this year I extended the race season with an extra long race and this photo sums up how good it felt to finish the added endurance race challenge!

December. December with house moving craziness. My parents came out to help and celebrate an early Christmas with the kids. This is one of my favourite pictures of them with the kids!

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